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  • Weddings
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Functions
  • Lunches

Event Planning

The complete solution for:

  • Weddings
  • Private Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Events


Contact Simply Fine Dining

Mobile: 0781 5624128
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What our customers say...

"I use Simply Fine Dining for both my client meetings and my corporate events. The service from the staff is always punctual and reliable and they are always polite and courteous to the guests. Lisa is always eager to try out new dishes and to suggest menus to suit various functions. I have, over the years, requested many different style menus, most of them at extremely short notice and have never been disappointed. I always recommend Simply Fine Dining to both work colleagues and personal friends and would use them for my own personal functions as and when needed."

Debbie Wood, Alstom

"Lisa from Simply Fine Dining has supported our MASE Group in Haughton for over three years, with a monthly buffet for 100 people. The food is beautifully presented, has a great assortment of sandwiches, is always fresh and always gets really positive comments from the carers and cared for attending the groups. Lisa is also willing to go the extra mile when needed and has often supplied our Rugeley Groups at short notice. I have personally used Simply Fine Dining for many family occasions and have no hesitation in recommending the services to anyone requiring a wonderful buffet."

Daphne Sharp, Project Co-ordinator, MASE

"Thank you for the lovely buffet you prepared for my mum’s funeral. It was lovely and everyone enjoyed it. Special thanks to Lisa for your wonderful attention to everyone there and for removing all our stress."

Sue, Mick & Andrew

"Thank you so much for the fantastic sandwiches and wraps you made for the Christening and Birthday party on Sunday – they really were delicious and we had lots of enquiries about where we had got them from. We will definitely be using you again."

Jennie & Mark

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